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About Yuntai International Freight

Welcome to Yuntai international freight
Shanghai yuntai international was founded in 2006 by senior logistics companies in Japan and Hong Kong. At present, we have Shanghai head office, suzhou branch, yiwu branch and high-speed rail transit yiwu operation department. Main international express, international air transport, international shipping and high-speed rail service!
In 2006, we began to expand the international aviation logistics special line, opening the Japan special line, the Vietnam special line, the myanmar special line, the Cambodian special line and the Thailand special line.
In 2012, we began to lay out the cross-border e-commerce logistics line, opening the us airfreight special line, the us Marine special line, the European air freight line, the European maritime special line and the South African special line.
In 2017, the China - South Asia sea freight tariff line (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia) will be opened in September, and China railway express will be established in September.

Your trusted service partner
Under the global economic situation, enterprises need to develop a logistics cost accounting. After years of development and prospective analysis on the market, we are currently targeted to launch more than the tax package line, for your own exports not saving tariff costs, make your goods in the international market have a higher cost performance. Yuntai international after 10 years of development has is a scale of domestic and international logistics service provider, you can according to your product for design optimization of transport channels, all transportation tracking information available on our website in real time tracking. In yuntai, you can always find a transportation channel suitable for you.

Service tenet
We always insist on high quality, high efficiency as the target, keep improving; Dedicated to provide customers with fast and reliable logistics solution, to improve customer service, improve operational efficiency, ensure that your transportation cost at the same time, the bottom line of keeping business flow and low cost of operation, wholeheartedly for the general customers to provide better and more quality time and services.
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