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European & American air Line

Europe Line:
1. The tax package clearance, volume in addition to 6000, the volume weight and actual weight whichever is greater
2. Single piece weight must not exceed 30KG, single packing size longest side does not exceed 1.2 meters, the second long side does not exceed 0.75 m, length + width + height not exceeding 2.5 meters
3. The commercial invoice required to provide detailed item description, purpose, material, customs codes, freight
4. The product can be go live, live cargo to be marked
5. Do not take accept the product: the goods is difficult to open the phone, computer, Bluetooth products, pen products, optical products, bicycle helmets and fake cards and other sensitive goods, wooden boxes, metal box and so on.

European and American lines, for the shipment sent to clients in the US, the international express delivery service specially designed. Europe and America Line aging fast, targeted area, and has more than express an optimized weight concept, can save a lot of cost to send small shipments. So Europe and America Line is particularly suitable for light weight, small volume shipments sent to the United States. At the same time Europe and America Line offers full online tracking service that allows you to send the more secure.

Europe line strengths
1. Europe green mail price is particularly suitable for online sellers mailing light weight, smaller items, aging in 4-6 days, very fast.
2. Full website tracking each ticket information.
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